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A Bond That Lasts a Lifetime

As our AC '18 was surprised with their big diamond sisters at our sisterhood retreat, we'd like to give a reminder to our alphas, our new delta bigs, and those who are still close to their diamond sisters well beyond their four college years.

"One of the most special symbols of Alpha Delta Pi, a diamond. Each of the four points of the diamond represent a different value that is special to ADPI. The first is self; learning new skills and enriching your personal experience. The second is scholarship; focusing on the importance of academic success. The third is sisterhood; focusing on the importance of building lifelong relationships with sisters. Finally, the fourth is sorority; making sure that all members are able to connect with other ADPi's around the world and fulfill their obligations.

All of these points of the diamond make up what ADPI is all about. The relationship between big and little diamond sisters will help to enrich all four points of the diamond. A diamond sister is one of the best gifts of Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood.

The big diamond sister is there every step of the way until initiation to help answer any questions that the little may have. The sorority family that Alpha Delta Pi creates lifelong relationships that last far beyond the college years."

Congratulations to our new bigs and littles. We cannot wait to see your growth in this sisterhood with the support of your new diamond family!

Lilly Furey, NMC

Alpha Class '16

ig: @lillyfurey

twitter: @lillyfurey

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