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5 Things Greek Life Has Taught Me

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

By Jacklyn Washington

AC' 16

Being in Greek Life for almost three years, I have learned multiple life-lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Beyond the cute instagram pics, the fun events, and a million different t-shirts, the benefits of greek life are so much more than what can be seen on the surface. It is hard to sum up all that I’ve learned in one post, but here are the top 5 things that greek life has taught me.

A 4.0 Is Not the Only Key to Success

College isn’t easy and the courses you take are undoubtedly going to be more intense than high school. Maintaining your academics is extremely important and the main reason you are in college. However, getting involved in different organizations on campus, especially a sorority, will give you invaluable leadership opportunities which matter just as much in the real world. Employers will be impressed by a 4.0 for sure, but they will be even more impressed by a girl who was involved in different organizations that she cares about and knows how to manage her time.

How You Act Matters

The decisions you make everyday and how you carry yourself on campus matters. Once you join a sorority, the way you act no longer reflects just you but all of your sisters. It takes a lot to get a good reputation in our society, especially as young sorority women, but it only takes one thoughtless act to ruin one. No matter where you go in life, during and after college, your actions will be a representation of so much more than just you. Remember that.

Don’t Believe Stereotypes and Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

There are so, so many stereotypes surrounding greek life and the media really does only show the worst parts of it. Joining a sorority does not mean you will be hazed, does not mean you will party everyday and does not mean you come from wealth. You will face a lot of this ignorance when you tell people you are apart of greek life. Just remind yourself it’s more. Additionally, greek life will teach you to see people for more than what is seen on the outside. Beyond the filters, perfect hair, and to die-for outfits people are sure to surprise you. Give them a chance and don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

You Can Serve a Purpose Higher Than Yourself

A major pillar of greek life is service and in joining a sorority, you will spend a lot of time giving back to your community. My favorite thing greek life has taught me is the true difference that one person can make. Spending your time giving back to others will strengthen your own character and teach you that the world is bigger than your own little bubble. Dedicate time to giving back to others and watch the way in which your own life will be enriched.

The True Meaning of Sisterhood

The biggest thing greek life taught me is true sisterhood (cliche, I know). Sisterhood isn’t just cute photos in matching outfits. True sisterhood is being there for people when it isn’t easy or convenient, and when you don’t feel like it. Joining a sorority has taught me the value of being there for people unconditionally and selflessly. When you love people with all that you have, you will get that in return and there is no better feeling than knowing the people in your life value you for who you are and will be there at 2am when everything is going wrong.

Jacklyn Washington

Fall Alpha Class '16

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